Youngtown Community Garden Board


The Youngtown Community Garden Board was formed in 2016 and provides numerous benefits to the Town.

This is Your Community! Get Involved!

  • Increases a sense of community ownership and stewardship.

  • Brings people together from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Builds community leaders.

Crime Prevention

  • Provides opportunities to meet neighbors.

  • Increases eyes on the street

Cultural Opportunities

  • Offers cultural exchange with other gardeners.
  • Allows people from diverse backgrounds to work side-by-side on common goals for the betterment of the community.


  • Provides teaching opportunities.
  • Where food comes from.
  • Basic business principles
  • Importance of community and stewardship.

Food Production

  • Opportunity to donate fresh produce to local food pantries.


  • Exposure to green space reduces stress and increases a sense of wellness and belonging.

Green Space

  • Adds beauty to the community
  • Provides a place to retreat from the noise and commotion of urban areas.
  • Scientific studies show that crime decreases in neighborhoods as the amount of green space increases.

This Board meets the first Saturday of every month.

Board Members Term Expiration



In accordance with the Arizona Open Meeting Laws, Youngtown Arts Commission Agendas, Minutes and Summary Actions are accessible from this page (see link below).

For the convenience of those who do not have access to the internet and in compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law, Board Agendas are posted no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting at the following locations:

1. Posting Board outside on the east side of Town Hall - 12030 North Clubhouse Square

2. Posting Board outside on the north side of the Council Chambers - 12033 North Clubhouse Square

3. Posting Board outside on the east side of the restrooms at Maricopa Lake Park - 114th and Connecticut Avenues

4. Posting Board outside on the north side of the restrooms at David C. Uribe Park - North of Olive Avenue on Agua Fria Ranch

Please click here to view the Agendas and Minutes for the Youngtown Community Garden.